Smart Maintenance

According to World Class Maintenance, “Smart Maintenance” is maintenance executed in a digitized, connected, and sustainable way. This entails, for example, that work processes are made more efficient (digitized), that maintenance decisions are made together with the relevant stakeholders, looking at the system as a whole (connected), that decision-makers are better informed (digitized), and that the value derived from assets is optimized (sustainable).

In 2015, together with a group of 64 experts, WCM has identified 14 key innovations for the coming years. These innovations are not just technological in nature, but also contain organizational and process innovations:

People & Organisation: This group contains those innovations which are
primarily related to the culture of an organization and the knowledge and behavior of the

Process: Innovation under this group deals with changes to organizational
processes and routines which are used to efficiently and effectively achieve
maintenance and business objectives. Examples are Asset portfolio management, Performance-based contracts, Life-cycle costing, Design for maintenance, and Condition-based maintenance.

Technology: The technology group consists of the systems and integration
for those systems which support those innovations which have been
identified under process and people and organization. Examples are Smart sensoring, Degradation models, AR/VR, and Integration of asset management IT systems.

Within the Young WCM program, participants can bring in any innovation that is ‘improving’ the people, organization, processes, or technology of their maintenance organization.

The report Smart Moves for Smart Maintenance (2016) can be downloaded here.

Smart innovation themes (World Class Maintenance, 2016)
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